Benefits Of A Branded Tee


Lets explore why t-shirts can we a winner for any type of enterprise.

1. Inexpensive 

Obviously, it will depend on the order details; the fabric, quantity and branding technique. You’d be surprised at the costs of a classic tee, simply screen-printed with a clever design. This is even more cost effective when needing a bulk supply. 

2. Versatile

T-shirts are similar to a white canvas, they are an opportunity to create something awesome from scratch. The advances that have been made in printing technologies, design and inks in the past few years is amazing, the possibilities are almost endless.

3. Fast to Produce

Once you get the t-shirt style sorted and your logo or design just right,  you're ready to go!  T-shirts can be fairly quick. Printing can sometimes be achieved in 48 hours.

4. So Many Options 

Is it the colour? Are you insisting on a sustainable product? Is quality the priority? Have you got a tight budget? We have a option and a brand that will suit your needs.  We work with many suppliers, its just a matter of letting us know your specifications.

5. Save Time

T-shirts worn as a uniforms save time. When you wear the same clothes every day, then you save energy not having to think about your outfit choice.

6. Comfortable

Nothing is quite as comfortable as a T-shirt. That’s why we wear them to bed, to the gym and to the office on casual Fridays. The fabric is breathable and comfortable, and they work on any body type.

7. Creates Team Connection

Whether it's in the office, being part of a sporting team or retail employees, a t-shirt is the perfect way to symbolise "We Are A Team". A t-shirt creates unity and is a great equaliser. 

8. Recognisable

If you are wearing a branded t-shirt, you want to be recognised as belonging to that organisation. That could be your local hockey club or perhaps a charity you support. From a customer perspective you also gain immediate trust it you are instantly recognised as working for a particular company. 

9. Safety

Continuing on from being recognised, by having team members wear the same t-shirt, it makes them easier to recognise and can prevents strangers gaining access to an event or premises. This is particularly important when organising big events or having a large team of volunteers.

10. Appropriate Dress Code

Their can sometimes be a colleague that isn't quite up to date with appropriate work wear. A t-shirt you can save you the hassle of having to have that uncomfortable conversation if perhaps the style of an employees dress wear is inappropriate or if the material printed is offensive.

 11. Productivity

Studies have showed that those that wear a t-shirt or uniform feel more focused when at work. There is less distraction and more attention to detail. Who doesn't want to increase productivity?

12. Dress Up or Down

The right t-shirt can be dressed up or down. Need a formal look? Team with trousers or your favourite pair of heels. Casual Friday? No problem, shorts and trainers it is! T-shirts are always versatile in this way. 

13. Easy Care

The beauty of a t-shirt or polo is that you simply throw it in the washing machine, hang it out to dry and its ready to go. We have lots of crease resistant and no iron options. 

14. Promote to a Large Audience

Whether its your staff, a promotional give away or your clients wearing your t-shirt, you literally have a walking billboard. You pay once for the t-shirt and then you literally have free advertising every time the tee is worn. 

15. Brand Loyalty

Lets face it, we all like something for free. When your freebie is useful and quality you increase your brand loyalty. You are far more likely to get repeat customers and ones that speak highly of you. 

16. Trending!?!

Logo T-shirts come and go, we are all familiar with a simple white tee that has a logo such as "Coke" or "Country Road". Imagine if your brand had that following and exposure. With the right t-shirt and the power of social of media, who is say it can't!

17. Never Out of Style

How many t-shirts do you own? No matter what your age, profession or income everyone has multiple t-shirts due to their comfort and versatility. 

18. Point of Interest

Something quirky, recently trending or an image or text that creates mystique can get people talking. Why not use a t-shirt to create a conversation about your brand or cause.

T-shirts are simple, there is nothing difficult about them but so many reason why they can be a solution to getting your brand out into your communities.