Personalising Tees

Personalised clothing is always fun and eye catching! Whether it's a casual workwear piece or a tee for a hens or buck show, the individuality and unity the merchandise brings always makes you smile.

Whilst the creative process should always be fun and without rules, you want the finished product to be perfect for that event, memory or celebration. We have put together some tips to think about when creating your own personalised t-shirt. 

What is the purpose of your tee?

Obviously you want unity with your t-shirt but there are still different reasons for personalising. Perhaps it's for a work event that needs a professional finish with your logo and sponsors needing to be the clear standout.If the t-shirt is for a one off event such as a bucks show, then it might be a large, look at me graphic that will give the effect you need. 

The purpose will also help with the decision making when it comes to the quality and materials used. A one wear novelty tee doesn't need to have high quality stitching or use printing techniques that are designed to stand the test of time. A uniform or giveaway however might need a different fabric such as a cotton and polyester mix to be more durable and flattering to a range of consumers. The type of fabric for sporting garments will be essential for comfort, this is where it's important to look at the weight and fabrics to get a good indication if the product is right for your needs.


Colour is everything! Don't be afraid to be bold with a brightly coloured t-shirt and keep your branding simply and classic. Alternatively you might choose a plain grey, white or black backdrop and get experimental with your graphics and logo. Our clients never regret being bold with colour and love the exposure they get from standing out.

Our designers are always happy to advise or do the creating for you. We also provide a free mock-up to take the risk out of your design. 


The more timing you give yourself the more options you have, particularly with bulk orders. Whilst we work with several local and overseas suppliers and have a large range on hand, the options are endless when you are organised. We have several express delivery services and are happy to work with you to make sure your order arrives on time for your event.

Hopefully you're excited to get your personalised t-shirt idea out of your mind and make it a reality. We have experienced designers that love working through the process to deliver the perfect tee for your next event.