T-Shirts as a Uniform


The word uniform has different connotations for everyone. Some love the professionalism and practicality of a work uniform and how it takes the stress of what to wear each morning. Others see uniforms as stifling their creativity and uniqueness. A t-shirt can offer your employees the best of both worlds. 

A traditional uniform can be hard to be get right for everyone, especially if you have a large organisation with varied roles. A lot of companies we work with opt for a t-shirt, either as a stand alone garment or as part of there whole uniform range.

A branded polo shirt for instance can get you a lot of mileage. Some staff may wish to use it as a daily staple, others may leave it for casual Friday or perhaps it can be show cased at your next golf day or out of office function. Whatever the occasion, you have already  extended your brand power simply through a t-shirt. 

Firstly, your branded t-shirt is literally a walking ad. You are telling the public who you are and what you stand for. Its creating a professional image and letting people know you are professionals. That doesn't have to mean corporate, this also translates to cafes, retail, any service industry and the sporting arena.This can help reinforce your website, business cards or any other promotional tools. 

Particularly in large organisations, we find something as simple and versatile as a t-shirt levels the playing field. Giving t-shirts that all staff can wear gives a feeling of equality and unity without taking away peoples individuality. It can also prevent people from wearing inappropriate attire, which distracting others and doesn't fit in with your brand and values. School uniforms is the perfect example of bringing peers together rather than leaving room for people to feel more or less than other students. 

Have a think about your brand and what it represents. Maybe you want a classic v-neck with a small but distinct logo, perhaps it's a relaxed but professional polo or maybe draw attention with a uniquely coloured t-shirt that works with your existing branding.

Talk to your staff or volunteers about what image they would like to project to their audience.  A t-shirt is a great place to start with your uniform as its affordable, practicable with great exposure. The options are endless and we are excited to take many more organisations through the process.